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Anyone who ever went to a CrossFit box knows that the friendly competition caused by the community of athletes is one of the gym’s biggest assets. With WOD Tracking, your athletes can see where they fit with other athletes in the box. They can manage their workouts and scores, and see them posted on the daily WOD page. This integration will cause friendly competition in your box that all will certainly benefit from. Plus, who doesn’t want to see their name at the top of the high score list?

1. Member management

With our service, you can manage each person who comes through your box. Many boxes use Zen Planner or other third party companies for this, but we offer a fully integrated solution. 

A simple form filled out by all new athletes will automatically update to your user list, and keep track of who has been coming (and who hasn’t) so you know which athletes to call back to your box. These member management tools are fully integrated into our solution and work with our other features. 

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